Friday, January 2, 2015

A video clip that caught my attention

The True Science Of Parallel Universes

This video tells us about the theories of what a parallel universe really is.
I have learnt from this video.....
  • that there are 3 types of multiverses  proposed in theories; bubble, membrane and many worlds
  • about the different types of multiverses
  • that our universe is also known as the "Observable Universe"

Digital Citizenship - Random Thoughts

Good "Digital" Practices

To-do list for the First Day of school:

  • Report to school by 7.40am
  • Proceed to and assemble in the ISH (Block D, Level 1)
  • Take out a book for Silent Reading
  • Donate to the SG50Food Donation Drive!            

Mind Map of Volume

About Me(1)

My name is Sim Choon Wee, but you may call me Choon Wee.
I like reading, and one of my favourite book titles is "The Chronicles of Egg" which is a story about a young boy who sets out on a pirate adventure. It's a really awesome story and has quite a touching ending. Also, I personally feel I am more of a humorous person. :)